They strived to make the best of themselves…

They strived to make the best of themselves and their world

                                   By: Mary Anne A. Quizon
We are at the helm of a revolution. Every age every timeline, it has always been there: the change revolution. Even this very moment varied revolutions are in the making. As people try to make the best of themselves everyone conscious follows . Then competition  surges. Everyone  wants to be on top and  everyone wants to be the best.  In this little world of ours competition is healthy as long as we hurt no one.  It is everyone’s  prerogative  to make a super life . To strive to excel and be the best not only of ourselves but also of our world is an inborn human nature.
Yes! It is our inborn nature to make the world we live in, a place of comfort.  To make our environment better, safer, more comfortable and enjoyable.At times though , we fail  to realise that we have the drive to make this world a better place. We merely  react without conscious thought.  Many a time we act unconsciously by reflex to environment stimulus.Yet, If we pause to think of the butterfly effect where a tiniest change in one place could impact  greatly on other parts of the ecosystem, we will be full of care for our thoughts and actions in accomplishing our objective of ‘making the best of ourselves’.Though the desire for betterment comes unconsciously at times we see this through peoples actions and reactions such as modelling, mimicry or emotional reactions. We could say modelling where people tend to copy the  behavior one admires of another consciously or unconsciously such as the manner of walking , talking, dressing etc is the most common way people try to better themselves.We can choose to model  a leader, a teacher, a parent an actor or anyone we admire.  We can even model saints, dignitaries, famous people, or we can be original and be ourselves. Just our plain thoughtful self, thinking of what is best for ourselves and our community.Some choose volunteering to help tutor kids in a local school or to help certain charitable organisations.  Others could display their generosity and give alms to the poor and homeless or organise a free meal delivery service for the aged.  Still some others can clean up their closet regularly and give away unwanted or oversized clothing to the needy.Spending ones free time doing some artwork like drawing and painting can improve ones skills and focus. Organising a knitting club, a sushi club, a jogging club , meditation group or a singing group would be healthy and good for the community.Energy is valuable and costly. Thus, remembering  to turn off the light switch hot water,  or the Internet  when not in use will save much money.  Walking to the bus or train station instead of using ones car going to work will save gasoline money and in turn help the planet as well.

Whoever thought of being a good steward and contribute ones time and talent to help our planet by conserving water and growing ones own food? After a bath we forget to fully close the faucet and are oftentimes too lazy to tighten the knob though we hear some leaking in the shower or laundry.  We can save money and save the world by growing some tomatoes and potatoes in the terrace aside from roses and aloes. We can also reduce our waste and save on fertilizer spending by making our own compost with leftover food, vegetable gratings or cuttings  from a compost bin. 

As the saying goes : ‘we are the master of our souls , our destiny…’  

Yet as we strive to be part of this change revolution for the sake of making the best of our selves and the world, we need to take care to remember the Greatest Master of all, the Master of our Universe, our Creator and Lord.


the noblest motive is the greatest good for the greatest number