Values of the Past

                                                        by: Mary Anne A. Quizon

“Being disconnected from the values of the past – which upheld the human person and the family – has placed us in a new era of crisis. However, there is hope.” – Pope Francis

Peoples values are often shown and reflected in ones behavior,  writings, the way one conducts himself in ones dealings with family, society , the whole community of friends, associates , relations acquaintances and the whole world. It is the gauge of the worth one gives to something or anything.

According to dictionary .com: “Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person. Core values are the guiding principles that dictate behavior and action. Core values can help people to know what is right from wrong; they can help determine if they are on the right path in fulfilling their  goals; “

The values of the past are geared towards spiritual and  cultural growth based on family, cultural, traditional and religious beliefs.  Yet, time, people, circumstances and environment alters and changes things even values.  Once upon a time values handed down by  caring parents, ardent teachers, religious nuns  and tutors would have  propelled one to success in their own field : education, politics, commerce, arts and sciences,  music and entertainment.
However, time  had brought new associates, friends, marriage, acquaintances , environment and circumstances which have deeply embedded preferences shared from the admixture of modelled personas  and conglomeration of life events.
Thus, now oblivion have shoved and ditched off values of the past. Current  associates and friends now are those that deal with  different kinds of angels. Where one lives now, exist a different kind of society.  Surprisingly, the church  one now goes to has a different god, a different religion and a different belief.
From the God fearing generation brought about by the proliferation of religious missionaries in the conquistadores era, by reason of the passage of time,  people  have opted to place an exceedingly great emphasis on material values to replace their spiritual and traditional ones.
Lately In many parts of the world values of people have  evolved. This is toward greater concern with the quality of life. Fitness, vitamins, organic food and natural healing has now become the fad for the sake of a better quality of life.   According to Ronald Inglehart a professor in MSU  and author of ‘ Rising Tide’ there has been a ” shift from an overwhelming emphasis on material values and physical security toward greater concern with the quality of life.”
From observations, however, in many cultures, traditional and  spiritual values mixed with and greater focus on material values, are still there. Though In great many instances, however,  materialism has prevailed over the spiritual ones.
Majority of our society’s moving from the religious past to the material world by the current generation is obvious and could not be denied.  One can see this everywhere.  Should one adhere to the  values of the past such as,  respect for the parents, the aged, and other spiritual and religious beliefs rather than being part of the material world,  one would be labeled as belonging to the old school or outmoded  and excluded in distribution of goodies.
Some classed as Sunday Christians or Easter Catholics  wear their scapulars and go to church  merely for showing off.   They have forgotten the traditional and spiritual values of the past as Pope Francis has opined.  Yet as the Good Pope has also said there is still Hope.
We are now in the advent of Holy Week and soon Easter Sunday. Hope is just close at hand. Easter Sunday reminds us of the resurrection of our Lord Jesus who triumphed from the dead to redeem us all.  Easter Sunday brings us Hope.

the noblest motive is the greatest good for the greatest number