Shall we forego the fish..

…. and the electricity we need to fry the fish?

                                      By Mary Anne Quizon
Our respectable Senator Recto have disclosed in his most recent statement that the controversial Spratly Islands subject to usurpation by our Chinese neighbour is the source of an estimated 20 percent of our seafood resources as well as prospect for natural gas that could power much of our energy requirement in the very near future.
We really need to wake up now before we finally find that all the fish had been eaten up by our kindly neighbour.  We have our children to feed as well and our palates to satisfy with the taste of  fresh seafood once in a while.  Though self acclaimed lovers of Lechon, kaldereta, embutido and other meat recipes,  we of course cannot allow anyone to fence off  this most valuable property that could leave us with “neither fish nor energy to fry our fish.”
Therefore, work we must, to go for the win-win situation of having our cake as well as eating it. Everything could be negotiated and possibly our good Leader could agree on a deal or partnership with our richer neighbour China who of course has much $ to forego.
Pray, pray, pray!  This is what we need to do, to come to a successful outcome. Of course everything comes from above.
Dare we also talk about the Free tuition bill which has just  been recently signed by the President thus making it a law? Though the controversy on how to fund the 100B requirement to fully implement the law is still bugging the lawmakers in both the lower and the upper house, we need not worry much about it.
We also have the same solution. Pray, pray, pray as everything good comes from our Creator.  Of course we need to work, work, work for this as well.  How? The Good Lord will soon give us the answer to our prayers.
The bill’s passing has had a lot of oppositions.  Yet, here we are now rejoicing that it has finally been approved by the President. The people that will be most benefited by the Free Tuition law are the children of parents who have been struggling to put them in universities and colleges.
These parents now need not worry of where they could get the money to fund their children’s education.  Whereas before, such parents eking  their way to get funding for their children’s education, might have been victims of loan sharks, immoral employers, and drug lords , now everyone have only to thank the lawmakers responsible for introducing and having passed the bill to its final stage of becoming a law.
The approval of the Free Tuition bill has given a lot of hope to people. It has opened a lot of opportunities to students and given much relief to society.   In the long run economically, the community will be much better off with more educated people bringing in more money in the form of taxes paid to the Government on earnings via individual salaries or taxes on business bottom line profits and gross receipts and other forms of taxes and licenses. Generally, young people as well as older people responsible for their education will be much happier giving us a happier society. There would be less crime as more people will be blessed by better education, better jobs and better earnings.
So pray,pray pray we must that the 100B requirement will soon be met. Gratefulness to our Creator is the answer.

the noblest motive is the greatest good for the greatest number