The Gift

The Gift that changed the world

By Mary Anne A. Quizon 

Once upon a time, there was no  Christmas. The whole world was just an ordinary world waiting and hoping for the promise of a long time ago when the world just began and the apple story in the Garden of Paradise was hatched.
Adam and Eve then were curiously wondering what the taste of the fruit of the tree of wisdom and knowledge would be like . Thus the beguiling serpent took the chance to entice Eve, the woman  to give the fruit a try promising her the world of wisdom .
The fruit of course cost Adam and Eve their beloved Paradise . The serpent was warned that its head will be crushed by a woman’s foot and it will forever walk on its belly eating dusts for as long as it lives.
Yet, as God is love, they were not totally cast out without a promise of one who will save them –a Savior,  and given the hope of getting back to paradise .
Generations passed and books of prophesies on the coming of the Saviour were written by priests and sages .  It was foretold that the coming of the promised One will be announced by a star:  A great light in the sky which will point and lead people to the Saviour. That the child’s great great ancestor would be a brave shepherd  boy who would snuff life out of  a giant  and later on be hailed as a king. That the child will be born and laid on a manger, grew up in wisdom but later on suffer and die to save mankind that they may all  get to paradise and gain entrance one day to heaven.
The child, as the prophesies had fortold would be named Jesus  Christ. Jesus is the gift of God to mankind and the fulfillment of Gods  promise  to give the world a Saviour.
Christ coming and going have brought us Christmas and changed the world. Christianity was established and Christ whole life from his birth  to his death was from then on celebrated.
As we celebrate Easter as Christ rising up from the dead, we also Celebrate Christmas , the birth of Christ.  For many people around the world, Christmas has always been celebrated from the 25th of December to the 7th of January.
As Jesus is a Gift from the Father,  tradition had always dictated Christmas time as the season for giving and celebrating the most wonderful gift of all : our Child King and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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