Tension Rising

in other parts of the world could terribly affect everyone            

By : Mary Anne A. Quizon

The whole world is bordering on danger by reason of possible misunderstandings, extreme political ambitions, pride and injustice to the common Tao. 
Our Asian neighbors are fearful of impending hostilities arising from uncontrollable tempers of big time world leaders.  North Korea, in a CNBC interview has remarked that it will go to war if compelled to. This is in response to US President Donald Trump’s twitting and subsequent military orders during the past few days.  
Donald Trump has twitted his view on North Korea’s  actions and military exercises which he thinks is a huge provocation for war.  The  US  thinks that any military exercise by North Korea is a preparation for the real thing. Trump had made a comment that he could ‘tackle any crisis without help from China.’
Thus according to CNBC Trump has “diverted the nuclear powered USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier and its strike group towards the Korean Peninsula last weekend in a show of force.”

North Korea’s Vice Minister Han   on the other hand has blamed Trump for his tweets and aggressive decisions stating that : ” North Korea will go to war if they choose to.” 

Both Japan and China are worried as to the consequences of impending belligerence  that could affect not only them but the whole world.  North Korea has boasted that it has the nuclear resources to defeat America.  Japan thinks that North Korea could  use gas bombs as well which could cause slow painful death and have devastating effect on many.
This is the moment to think big. That of saving the world. Some experts say that a forceful nuclear war could literally wipe out and annihilate the whole planet . Misunderstandings can create a big impact and with the flick of a tiny button could completely make the world a massive question mark!
People definitely need help from above.
Prayers for our planet as a whole is the answer.  Prayer for our Asean neighbors, our own country and all the world leaders.  We are all human beings capable of erring.   Pride clashing with pride or extreme ambition to be on top at the expense of injustice to others feeds the flame of aggression.
Only prayers coupled  with a strong faith in the the Good Lord our Creator Is the answer.

the noblest motive is the greatest good for the greatest number