On Habits

By Mary Anne A. Quizon

The overwhelming Manila Resort siege causing the death of 37 people and injury to many, have caused panic to Filipino communities the world over.  On first thought one would conclude that ISIS has moved into the Central Luzon area diminishing the number of tourists booking for the Philippines.  Yet later news brought up the crux of the matter:  A gambling addict has turned against the institution that brought despair and loss of seemingly everything in his life. The Gambling Institution.

A wholesome family life, productive employment, luxurious residence and other resources: All gone via the vigorous influence of said Institution.  We could say that life was cut short by reason of gambling establishments that were directed to entertain people but instead has brought misery to perhaps not only to the lone addict who demonstrated the consequences of over indulgence in one’s habit but to many as well.    Gambling, however, is not the only habit that could be enslaving.  Other habits that could be addictive could be smoking, alcohol, drugs etc which if not disciplined can go to excesses.

We are by nature creatures of habits.  However, a negative habit if nipped in the bud could bring positive results in life via a lesson learnt from quitting the habit.   A young person could have the habit of smoking. Smoking, we know could cause cancer.  If parents seeing a smoking habit developing gives a child all the literatures and pictures of the negative effects of smoking, the youngster perhaps would quit the smoking habit.  Anthony Robbins says sometimes habits could be cured by making the youngster experience the bad effects of a certain habit such as the chocolates habit.   If given a ton of chocolates to consume in a couple of hours non stop, a chubby person overwhelmed by the taste of excessive chocolate vomits and throws up from the overdose.  Thus,  will naturally stop eating chocolates forever.

But there are also habits that are actually beneficial to people.  Those that could lead one to strength of character and success in life.  In the Filipino language the habitual use of “Po” or “opo “not only exhibits respect but also good upbringing;  the habit of singing could help develop ones voice; the habit of reading could help educate one of school matters, world happenings and events that one would not have learnt if reading was not a habit.

Perhaps the habit of reading about people, events and places is good to develop. This habit could widen ones view of life and lead to amazing discoveries.   Should one  read about Saint Bernadette, a mystic who saw the Blessed Virgin at Lourdes over a century ago, one would discover that  St Bernadette’s body is preserved and beautifully intact to this date.  Documentaries of people who visited Nevers France to see her, have witnessed that at this current time which is over a century from her passing, she still looks as if she is merely sleeping beautifully and soundly in her glass chamber.

Reading documentaries on miracles would inform you that Pope Francis have seen the most recent miracle of the Holy Eucharist in Buenos Aires in 1996.  Examinations proved that the DNA of the blood in the Buenos Aires host is exactly a carbon copy of the blood in the host at the miracle of Lanciano, Italy  that occurred twelve hundred years ago.

Habits merely need  be geared to the right direction. Perhaps if we get into the good habit of meditating and praying we could even discover avenues leading to success.




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