Back Stage Braves

Meet our Editorial Director

Ms Ellen A. Gutierrez has made a come back as one of the SSPC, Inc.’s  Back Stage Braves.   She has been with the company since the early  sixties as its original pioneer editor but had to leave the company  when she migrated to America.  Her position then was handed to Vicky A. Florendo way back before she left.

In August 2016, she returned as the SSPC Inc.’s Editorial Director after the early  retirement of  Vicky A.  Florendo.

Ellen being an active member and President of the Western division of the Legion of Mary  Los Angeles Curia works with SSPC with the help of editorial assistants under her direction via the internet highway.

Learn About our Administrator

Babie Aclan Quizon  is  the present Administrator of Sunstar Peoples Courier, Inc.   A Certified Public Accountant by Profession armed with thirteen years of experience as bank examiner of the Central Bank  of the Philippines,  she was for several years assigned as CB Deputy Receiver for Banco Filipino, Batangas City Branch in the mid eighties.  This Central Bank’s assignment to Babie in the mid eighties  equates her present role as Administrator of Sunstar Peoples Courier Inc and its sister company Far East Services and Development Corporation.


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