Reconciliation is the Answer     

By Mary Anne A. Quizon

With thanksgiving just gone by and Christmas at our doorsteps we are bound by tradition to submit to reconciliations beckoning. Filipinos , as we believe, are  closely knitted as a family .

 Is this true forever?

A young family would have their Christmases  together forgetting cares of the past  making gift giving as the  centre of celebrations .  By focussing on celebrating the birth of the Christ Child families are able to reconcile and forget about petty quarrels.

As the magi  or the three priestly kings have gifted our Child King  with gold, incense and myrrh families gather for gift giving to reminisce  their childhood gatherings, reconciled as one and free from faults of humanity.

It is  the need to see old acquaintances and  family  that draw people together.

The gift giving , partying and celebrations of course come secondary.

Reconciliation is really the theme of Christmas. As we celebrate the birth of the Child king, we aim to reconcile with God, friends, acquaintances and families to fully enjoy Christmas.

Do you know that in the Catholic religion reconciliation is a sacrament? What does this really mean to everyone? For some it is becoming friends with Our Creator again.  It is coming fresh and  anew with all the past faults having been erased by reconciliation.  In the sacrament of reconciliation a person reunites himself with God by confessing ones sin or admitting ones faults or violation of Gods commandments with the end in mind of never committing the same sin again .  The priest then blesses the person who has come to receive the sacrament .

As opposed  to a quarrel that has separated a friend from another reconciliation is bringing back the lost  friendship, coming to terms with ones friend or relations, shunning all misgivings, admitting ones fault and mistakes  and ending the quarrel by mutual forgiveness.

Reconciliation brings unequalled peace of mind and soul to both parties. It brings Gods holy Gift of sanctifying grace that brings beauty to our soul.

This beauty shines thru ones eyes and is reflected on the face of a person.


the noblest motive is the greatest good for the greatest number