NPAs in Batangas

  To Convert or be Converted

        By Mary Anne Quizon

A couple of weeks ago we were awed by the news that NPAs were believed to be hiding out at the Banoy mountains in the  southern part of Talumpok.  NPAs,  we know had been proliferating in the northernmost  part of Mindanao since ages ago.  So it is a wonder how they can come to Batangas  by boat which is approximately about 1300 kilometres travel from Mindanao. This is the only discreet way the NPAs could come to Batangas  unnoticed. Unless they have hopped from some place in Cavite or Capas where it has been said to be the hideout of some NPAs as well.
The NPAs were the reason for terrors that had prevailed in Mindanao and Luzon from time immemorial, some of whom could have in all probabilities evolved into the so called Mindanao ISIS Inspired terrorists. Some NPAs in theory have joined forces with like groups who have grown tired of the government, society ,  people around them  or about life itself finding all these unbearable. Pro communistic in ideals, they had been opposed to democracy and America’s influence on the Philippines.
How is it that they have suddenly appeared in our backyards?  Could they be seeking for a place of abundance where equality for everyone prevail? Or are they looking forward to convert Batanguenos into their ideologies?
They must have found Batangas a most welcoming place for them. –  A much better place where they can thrive, be accepted and perhaps reform or be a better person living in a much better condition than where they have been living in before.
They could have seen Mindanao, now in martial law, or wherever they came from as cold, stifling and hostile. The society they originated from  must have been prone to discriminating people of different religion, different political ideas,  customs or status.
 Batangas as advertised all over as “Rich Batangas” seems to be so inviting  and attractive to people who wanted a better life.   Industrious and hardworking, friendly and heartwarming, Batanguenos attract people from other places to migrate into the province.
With a government that takes care of the welfare of its own and gives various opportunities to its dwellers whether citizens or migrants,  Batangas is viewed by many including NPAs as either the place to convert into their political dogma or the place to be converted to.
We hope and pray that the latter prevail that if they are still hiding around somewhere, somehow  they may be converted into our faith with our prayers for all in this month of the Holy Rosary.

the noblest motive is the greatest good for the greatest number