Marawi City

                                           By Mary Anne A. Quizon
Why war torn Marawi City came under siege is a huge question. Malacanang Palace though was quick to announce its plans to rebuild and rehabilitate Marawi City. The Presidents spokesman has announced that rebuilding and financial assistance     will be funded by PAGCOR.  According to Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno an estimated ten billion will come from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. Social welfare assistance on the other hand will come from the national budget.  Moreover, according to Malacanang spokesperson, Abella, Loans may be made available to MARAWI businesses via the land Bank of the Philippines and the Development Bank of the Philippines.  

There are many point of views as to the how and why MARAWI is now in its place.– War torn, under siege , abandoned. Various news seem to point out ISIS as the    culprit.  ISIS and/or counterparts have seen the place as a place  to convert and conquer : To spread its extremism or fanaticism and convert into its ideology.  

Though isolated,  if the place is a haven were no discontent is present, and where unity of purpose and love is present it will prosper and its inhabitants, proliferate.   

However despite of the fact that a place would rather thrive only in harmony and love, One cannot guarantee freedom from subversion if  infiltration is permitted by ambition, pride, indifference, coldness and mediocrity. Harmony will exist only where there is   real not plastic  love and respect.  

There are not a few but numerous MARAWI CITIES in the backyards of many.  In the usual Filipino tradition ones parents are usually loved and venerated.  As families grow, outside influence infiltrate harmonious relationships .  The most disabling infiltrators   are ambition and pride. Ambition oftentimes violate the Ten Commandments with the Fourth commandment, the most frequently visited. Pride frequently comes together with ambition with the goal in mind   to satisfy ones ego or another’s such as some recently acquired relations by affinity or in some cases, friends.

We are but human with inclinations to err.  Yet prayers and faith could save us from erring.    Life sometimes brings a lot of surprises. The bible tells us about  Absalom,    King David’s son, handsome , attractive and charismatic who had plotted to unseat his father the King.  With many followers and advocates, his goal was within reach, his victory certain. He was actually almost there, when at the very last minute the Great One intervened: A simple tree brought Absalom to his real destiny.

the noblest motive is the greatest good for the greatest number