Can there be a robot…

Within us?

By Mary Anne Quizon

In this age of technologies, we find robots no longer as kids toys but helps to the ‘Have Much’ as well as to technology oriented companies.  Robots are more likened to be as trusted helps, friends and assistants to people.  Some robots are utilized abroad not only in businesses but also in the field of Education increasing knowledge and expertise in certain fields of both adults and children alike.

It is not so surprising to read a BBC news that goes “peaky the robot has been sent to near space by a group of school children” or “Twelve robots have invaded American homes.” at websites like  According to The Guardian  “There is a growing concern about the impact of automation on employment or in crude terms – the threat that robots will eat our jobs.”

Featured Agent 007, a robot equipped with a security camera can holler “Police! Freeze!” if an intruder opens a window of your home.  Mobile Robots Inc created Agent 007 and two other models, Jeeves and Brewski Bot, both of which can shuttle drinks to guests during a party.

It has also opined that robots “continue to infiltrate American homes simplifying the most annoying household chores and freeing up users’ time.”  This is also true in businesses where they find the need to do so.  One of these businesses is Ocado.

Ocado is a sixteen year old on line retailer which had been using robots at its warehouse to facilitate the gathering of goods ordered by their customers.

Our country is not so far behind in the use of technology.  Soon, advanced technology, a necessity in this modern times, will become readily available to a regular household or most businesses not only abroad but also locally.  With a lot of Filipinos gone abroad, some tasks at home will have to be accomplished by someone or something like robots.  Even senior citizens or single residents needing companionship and household assistance will welcome adopting a robot for household help and assistance.

Age old fictional books on robots have definitely come into reality.  We could have been awed by robot like inventions and creations of Da Vinci and many other geniuses of the past as disclosed by historical books.  Yet modern inventions now would merely seem ordinary and banal.

We just hope that peoples domain, though in time could be permeated by robots, do not get totally infected by robots.  In the working world everything could be fast paced.  People themselves automatically doing the same routine, day in and day out may find themselves dazed by monotony, and “acting like robots.”

the noblest motive is the greatest good for the greatest number