How do we extinguish the fires of injustice?

Guest writer: Mary Anne Aclan Quizon

What if the fires of Injustice is in our midst,
hovering, lingering and threatening to make one
give up?
With the storm of injustice lashing and
flooding through around, trying to put one down
at its mercy, need one ever give up?
As Catherine Pulser says “Never give up.
Have hope. Expect only the best from life and take
action to get it.”
We can jump up and down, run to and fro for
miles, shout with all our might and dance around
in circles ….Yet could the solution be merely to
Stop ….take up ones pen and hope that this is the
best alternative and could be the right action?
But how will taking up ones teensy-weeny
pen beat the lashing and the whipping?
How can it be the best solution? the only
way to bring one out to freedom exhibit hope..
that will extinguish the fire?
No questions asked and answered. Merely
do take up your humble pen. Stare at it?
Or make it work! Ink your little instrument
with Hope. Hope in the Almighty…. in the
greatness and abundance of love that the Great
One could shower to extinguish the overflowing
and stifling injustice.
Hope ….that one could matter if one takes
action even with the tiny instrument at hand…
A pen to bring out the light, the truth, the
solution. From the teeny-weeny pen it could
become the mighty pen should it be coupled with
Should the hopeful pen be inked in blue,
black or red? Does the colour matter for the
purpose to be served? … bring HOPE that will
last forever.
Should the pen be decorated in sparkling
crystals? Or plated in silver and gold?
Decorations are irrelevant. Let the humble pen
rule to give Hope that will lift up drooping eyes,
quicken s taggering legs, and e nergise numbed
hands beaten and lashed and almost conquered
by the fires of injustice.

the noblest motive is the greatest good for the greatest number